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Our Training & Certification

Our “Certification Repair Training Program” using our StealthOne Technology System adheres to and in many ways surpasses all the recommended standards for windshield repair. It is a combination of many different factors that, when applied together, helps reduce the time to learn and perform professional, high quality windshield repairs at a very low cost.

Your training will include the best and most comprehensive training on the planet, using an injection system that is used by more professionals worldwide than any other and it comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Why? Because it is simply the best, it’s extremely user-friendly and fits into anyone’s budget. The National Windshield Repair Academy is second to none when you compare our training and equipment. **We do not try to up-sell you unnecessary equipment that you will never use.

When you graduate from our academy you won’t leave as just a repair technician, you will leave as a “Professional Nationally Certified Repair Technician”. Come and Experience the Difference!

Reduce Your Learning Curve
We're here to raise the standard of windshield repair, not lower it!

Why We Refuse to Sell Self Taught Training Manuals, Videos, CDs or DVD's on “How to Repair Windshields”.

There are several reasons why we refuse to sell training material on “How to Repair Windshields”. The main reason is because there is no comparison between concrete experience and reading a training manual or watching a DVD. At the National Windshield Repair Academy our classes are limited in size in order to provide the most effective training environment with personalized, hands-on instruction.

We don’t want to lower the standards in our industry - we want to raise them. Poorly trained people are here today and gone tomorrow! Poor training means poor repairs and poor repairs reflect on everyone in our industry. Proper training is essential because it can affect you, your business and the image of our entire industry. Well trained technicians have a better chance of being successful, reflect positive in their communities and usually thrive as a business.

Our Training and Certification Program includes the following:

  • One day of personalized professional hands-on training in our newly remodeled training facility
  • Learn correct windshield repair terminology
  • Learn the particular characteristics of each common repair which will help give you a better understanding of the complete repair process so that you can explain to the customer the potential outcome prior to starting the repair
  • Learn the ROLAGS standard (Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard) and how it benefits you as a professional technician and can assist you in your marketing strategy
  • Hands-on training on “How to repair and master all the most common types of repairs”, including demonstrations on “How to repair long cracks”
  • What to repair and what not to repair and why
  • What to look for in the resin you use and why

All of these items and getting to know your equipment and how the StealthOne Technology System works can make your life easier doing professional windshield repairs.

You will also receive:

  • The National Windshield Academy’s Survival Guide, a referral booklet to help answer most any repair and marketing questions you may have (A $200.00 value Free)
  • A current list of insurance companies and networks and what each pay for a windshield repair This national list alone could take years to build and is yours Free (A $150.00 value)
  • Preferred invoices with suggested warranty information
  • Information on safety issues that a stone chip can cause if not repaired.
  • A copy of the Safety Procedure Warning and 10 Facts You Should Know About Windshield Repair (A $50.00 value Free)
  • 10 percent off and free shipping on all orders over $100
  • We will not train another technician within the same zip code of your service area

In order to fast-track you’re learning experience and set you up for success you will receive information via email prior to the training course. It’s mandatory for you to read and understand this information to be able to pass the test that’s part of the Certification process.


  • We will teach you marketing techniques of tomorrow, today
  • How important branding is to your business and educating your customers, eliminating costly pitfalls and how doing little things that will increase higher profits
  • How to use the knowledge of the windshield repair industry to improve the selling of your service
  • How to use insurance companies and the networks to benefit you and your customer base to increase your profits
  • How to get referrals from your customers as a way to increase sales and bring in even more new customers
  • Getting to know your competition and how it can increase your bottom line
  • Ads, fliers and signs that work

These techniques are just a few stepping stones that will help you succeed.

Training Schedule 2013

Please call for exact dates and times. Classes are limited so reserve your space NOW!

All classes will be held at the National Windshield Repair Academy Headquarters in San Diego, California

Location: Our headquarters and newly remodeled tech center is located in beautiful San Diego, California, just 15 minutes from San Diego Airport. We are only 10 minutes away from most of the city’s numerous attractions, like our well-known beaches and bays, the world famous Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo, historical Old Town, Little Italy, the Gaslamp District and our celebrated museums.

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