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Gene Henderson

Gene Henderson

After many years in the commercial airline industry as a Supervisor and Manager of Customer Service and Marketing working most weekends and holidays, I felt that I needed a change. I wanted to get into a new business that had very little stress, a job that gave a lot of satisfaction, an opportunity to meet people, and had the potential to make a good income. I wanted a business that most people only dream of without having to study for weeks, months or years.

It’s been over 14 years now that I’ve been in the windshield repair business and I’ve never looked back. I found the industry to be very rewarding and one that affords me the time to travel and be with family and friends.

I enjoy coming up with ways to better market my business and take pleasure in developing new techniques and tools that improve the quality in windshield repair.

I’m a Master Technician with two certifications under my belt. I’m also the creator of the StealthOne Technology System, which improves the quality of the repair process.

It is my commitment to give you the highest quality training and the best marketing tools available to succeed. We don’t want to set the standard - we want to become the standard, in both business and in ethics.

“Good luck” and if you so choose, may your time in the windshield repair business be both profitable and enjoyable as mine has been.

Gene Henderson
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